Bulk Rates

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Blankteeshirts is a nation wide tee shirt supplier. We essentially supply Gildan t-shirts as their proven quality, variety and on going availability makes them a first choice for professionals and customers alike.


We started blank tees because we originally found it hard to source a plain t shirt online and so decided to supply them ourselves: wholesale t-shirts to anyone wanting bulk priced tee shirts delivered at work or home.


Our t shirts site is primarily targeted to professionals such as marketing managers, business owners or screen printers who need blank tee shirts to put their brand on. However anyone can buy from Blank tee shirts, our cheap tee shirt prices ensures you get a great deal on blank tees.


Our service is ideal if you are planning to give away tee shirts to your staff, customers or as prizes. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on our T shirt blanks.